Sometimes my work is like a succession of notes: first there was an image, from there another image came, from there another one. There images are short sketches of impressions that came to me. Surely worth making a note of, to take down and to keep. But are they independant images? Rather they are a succession of things I should not forget. Not now, nor later.

These sketches, these notes, I put together in books. Mostly in edition of 1. The 'notes' are images from a series. The complete series tells the story. These images are just parts of the story.

Sometimes I want to break loose from the hierarchy that is imposed by the separate pages. After all, every page is a part of the story. When you turn the page, you therewith close that part of the story and go to the next page, the next part of the story.

To break with this hierarchy I turn to the bookroll; when the bookroll is unrolled, the whole story unrolles in one glance.

I create the bookrolls in textile; flexible and rollable, closeable with a strip of textile.

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