Through my work I want to make people dwell upon the reality hiding in details that surround us. Upon the hidden meaning; the many things which are not visible but still are perceptibly present.


Often I use textile as base material; the material I grew up with. With what I saw my mother working. With what my grandmother already used to work. And which for so many people carries so many associations within.

I show images that carry a story within. That give a suggestion of the image behind that image, and the story that lies behind. For every image I try to find the best fitting form of manifestation. Sometimes this results in (photo)collages and assemblages, often textile appears to be the most suitable.

I work associatively: I focus on a certain detail that pushes on me. That may be a colour, a form, a piece of material. Or an atmosphere, a memory. From that point images arise that, all of them, carry a story within.

I try to go back to the source ot the material and of the origin, the manufacturing and processing. That way I try to put away the yoke of technical perfection and to be able to use the material 'textile' in a free and unconditional way as expressive medium. 


In my in situ work I let myself be guided by the environment. My work is a reaction on what shows. Or what does not show, as an invisible presence. A reaction of my work to the environment, and the other way around. Taking the atmosphere and history as starting point, I build my installations on the spot. The work that arises fits in the environment, the environment folds around the work. 

The visitor can walk inside, around, between, to undergo the work in all its aspects: image, atmosphere, space, smell, temperature and sound all come togehter and become part of the installation. 

I was born in 1964 in Nieuwkuijk (Netherlands) and was educated to be a teacher (textile and plastic arts). Since the year 2000 I work full time as a visual artist.

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