Carefully I embark on the field of moving images. From the longing to satisfy my need to capture light. To represent movement and/or change. Or to be able to give images to a certain subject. To look into the role of sound. I am experimenting with the possibilities of this medium. Still a bit uncertain but full of wonder.

dated 2017 until 2021 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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DREAMING (1) the gate


The other night I had this most remarkable dream. I recorded a video on it. Take a look at it here (please don't forget to turn on the sound):

So close, and yet so far away


In september 2021 I was invited to spend two days in a clares monastery. Until than I only had seen monasteries from the outside and I was curious to find out what takes place inside. The iron rhythm of the sisters was a severe confrontation with my need for independance. But it also was very contemplative. The mantra-like singing of the sisters during the services hooked itself in my brain and there sang around for hours. In this video I try to visualize my impressions; "so close, and yet so far away".

HARVEST of loud colours and silent roe deer


Video in which I look into the influence of sound on image. So do not forget to turn the sound on.

Not the destination... ...but the journey


For the exhibition "Corona Special" at the Metropolitan Museum Tilburg NL I created a series of photographs with the title "Not the destination... ...but the journey".  This lead to the making of this video, adding sounds from my memory. Experimenting with the role of sound when experiencing images. How memories influence our current vision, and the other way around.   Link to this video on YouTube:

Etoile errante ( toi l'errante...)


'Etoile errante ( toi l'errante...) arose during my artist-in-residence in France in 2017.   If the video here under does not play, please click on the YouTube logo, or use this link:      



Look and listen to what air may do. If the video here under does not play, please click on the YouTube-logo, or use this link:



'Transitioning' is an experiment. How can I with the medium video give image to my comment?  TAKE CARE: image and sound are one in this video. So please do not forget to turn on the sound of your computer to watch it.